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In our first issue of 2022, we review a catalytic year for sustainable finance.
Third-party ratings face fury; Shell hits 0.05% of tree target; time to retire 'ESG'?
Weapons are ESG now. Divestment lessons from sanctions. Food and energy insecurity forces reckoning. Plus, is it nuclear's time to glow?
Larry Fink's letter to CEOs reveals one possible direction for sustainable investing.
A victory for vice sectors; climate stress tests create greenwash; regulation plays catch up. Plus, an appeal against complicated solutions to complex…
SEC climate disclosures; European (green) protectionism; BlackRock's bye to globalisation. Plus, what can we learn from the SDG impact of oil & gas?
Green is planet, green is money, green is naive.
Moral inflation drags down pledge power at COP26
Royal Dutch hell, carbon's tokenisation treatment, woke MBAs, and oil's record cost of capital. Plus, the divest/engage dilemma gets tricky.
A critical question hangs over COP26: Who's picking up the bill for the energy transition?